About Our Business
This company began in 1973 with a mission to  bring top quality and accurate shop details to
fabricators of structural steel.  Over the years we have evolved and grown into a family oriented
business.  As the profession of steel detailing has progressed and changed from simply
producing shop drawings to interpreting, completing and often correcting structural designs to
a state of constructibility, we have kept up with the trend by becoming more and more adept at
finding and correcting problems inherent in every project.

We have detailed projects varying from small wall-bearing beam and joist strip malls to
complex hip and valley roof framing.  We have detailed mom and pop groceries to Atlantic City
Casinos.  We detail buildings,
bridges, pedestrian walkways and anything else made of steel.  

Our company includes three detailers and three checkers whose experience level ranges from
3 to 55 years with skill sets required to complete any project no matter how simple or complex
to the highest industry standards.  

All work is done in CAD format to
AISC Standards.  No compromises are made in producing
the highest quality drawings.  If you would like us to produce your shop drawings, please
contact us and we will discuss that possibility.
About Us
About Our Business
About Our Business
About Our Business
Meet the Staff

Ronald G. Yeager, Owner
5 years experience
Structural Steel Detailing
Fully experienced in all phases of steel construction:
Heavy industrial framing, all forms of commercial work, hip and valley, trusses, bridges,
expansion dams, high and low rise construction.
N.I.S.D. Certified "Senior Detailer" No. 147, Structural/Miscellaneous and Bridges.
Member: AISC Committee on Manuals
Member: AISC Manuals Sub-committee M2, Connection Design Considerations
Member: AISC Publications Editorial Review Panel.

Alan L. Yeager, Detailing and checking
40 years experience.
Fully trained structural steel detailer and checker.  Fully trained SteelCad, X-Steel and AutoCAD

Tracy L. Newcomb, Detailing and checking
33 years experience.
Fully trained structural steel detailer.  First class CAD detailer,  SteelCad and AutoCAD.

Dale A. Newcomb, Detailing.
23 years experience.
Fully trained structural steel detailer. First class CAD detailer. Layouts, plans, checker changes,
detailing.  Fully trained SteelCad and AutoCAD detailer.

Hazel A. Ion, Detailing.
6 years experience
Fully trained structural steel detailer.  First class CAD detailer,  SteelCad and AutoCAD.

Jeremy L. Newcomb
3 years experience
Anchor Rod Plans, checker changes, small parts detailing. Advance Steel apprentice.
Meet the Staff
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Meet the Staff
Meet the Staff